Mixing Business with Pleasure

So I am learning a whole lot about business right now. A lot, a lot, a lot. But it's awesome, and also overwhelming (are you tired of me using this word yet? I'm tired of feeling this way...), but mostly awesome. It's never a bad thing when your overwhelmed with great choices. There are just so many awesome things to do that I sometimes wonder which is the best business thing to do first, but I am learning that trying to do a bunch of things as once is kind of business in a nutshell. 

In a training I recently had, the presenter said, "Having a great business doesn't depend on the ONE thing you are doing right. It's the ELEVEN things you are doing right." In other words, I don't think that business really progresses in a linear fashion, you push and pull and dive yourself into 11 different directions that are all proven to yield results and slam-bam you have yourself a successful business. So that's what I am doing right now, pushing and pulling and diving into so many directions that sometimes I wonder if I it's working, but that's the awesome thing about what I want to tell you about today. 

Have you heard of MASTERMIND groups??????? 

The internets is going to provide you with a different definition of Mastermind groups, but I'll just give you mine right here. Mastermind group = the business equivalent of the Biggest Loser. Essentially, a small group of business folk get together, the ideal would be to have some seasoned business folk with some middle business folk with some beginning business folk, and you all get real VULNERABLE for a minute. Because being vulnerable makes it work. So you say what isn't happening in your business that you want to have happen, and then everyone trouble shoots that problem and IT IS INCREDIBLE WHAT WISDOM RESULTS and then YOU GO WORK YOUR TAIL OFF. Because a bunch of people all being vulnerable and all being business-y and all striving for a common goal just makes it gel, and it's awesome. And you WANT to work your tail off because you have direction and encouragement and purpose. 

So even though we have an ongoing societal joke about the divide between business and pleasure, for me at least, that gap is disappearing more and more all the time. Creating a business is ever so satisfying when you let others help you on your way.