Oh Hey there, September! Making videos, and other fun stuff!

How did I not blog even once in August? Probably because August=Fun. That's how. 

But for real, I've got to get back to it. So, let's talk about my business. I made these videos about two months ago. I release one each week, and you know what? People like them. They actually watch them. Mind blown. 

But I was so nervous to put them up. I worried that people might think it was unprofessional. I worried that I might say something stupid or wrong. I was so nervous, but all I have heard is positive. Frankly, I have realized that people, especially of our generation, like videos because they are easy to follow, take little time, and convey some personality with the information. 

I am so glad to decided to take the plunge and do these videos. In case you haven't seen them, this link will take you to them. I am cooking up my next little series, which will be primarily a game, and I can't wait. Stay tuned! And comment below if you are a local business that would want to be in a marketing video with me :-)