The Guardianship package guides you through one step of the larger estate planning process. For just $50, you can name who you would like to care for your children both temporarily and permanently should something happen that prevents you from caring for your children in the short or long term. 

The Guardianship Package includes: 

  •  legal documents that name both temporary and permanent guardians for your children so that they are cared for no matter what calamities may occur in the future.
  • instructive letters that leave instructions to those guardians, helping them know how you’d like your children treated, taught, educated, and raised. 
  • emergency ID cards listing your temporary guardians to keep in your wallet, on your fridge, in your car, or with any of your children's caregivers. 
  • free email assistance during the completion of your package so that every question can be answered. 
  • a free face to face family prosperity mapping session so that you understand how all parts of your life interact with your guardianship plan. 
  • three months of free changes so that you have time to feel out whether you are happy with your guardianship choices. 

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