I was so excited about all the positive feedback I got on my blog that I couldn't wait for Monday to make another post. I knew just what I would write, and then this happened...

 Today. See how the purple is all down my nail?

Today. See how the purple is all down my nail?

I was just getting out of my car trying to be quiet as a mouse with the door so that my baby wouldn't wake up, and I guess mission accomplished. For future reference, car doors shut most quietly when there's a bit of flesh between those pesky metal parts. OUCH. The worst part is that I couldn't even scream or shout because SLEEPING BABY. Anyway, it just got worse and worse. Like so bad that the horse size IB profin wasn't making a dent. I couldn't sleep, laying down made the pain that much more intense. So I filled a mixing bowl with ice water put it in my lap and tried to sleep, on the couch, sitting up, with my hand in cold water. Just your typical self inflicted fraternity hazing over here. Anyway, by this morning the purple had traveled even further down the nail.

 Yesterday right after the incident.

Yesterday right after the incident.

So I called the doctor and got in first thing this morning. The doctor took a hot cauterizer needle and melted a little hole into my nail to release the pressure, blood, and other nastiness under my nail. And now my thumb is in a splint wrapped in gauze and that sticky tape stuff. Anyway, this all kind took over my life for a little bit, but hopefully we are on the path to healing. In other good news, pretty sure I singlehanded met our yearly deductible with this little stunt, so now I can just get crazy with medical procedures the rest of the year ;-) Living life in the fast lane!

Here's the thing though, on Saturday, I spent the day writing up my own estate plan for my family, and I was super surprised by my experience. So, here's a little highlights list:

1. I didn't realize just how many opinions I have about how my kids should be raised. It probably seems obvious that as the parent of my children, I would have lots of opinions about parenting those children, but until I had to sit down and actually write out instructions for someone else to follow in my absence, I just didn't think about it. There were more mainstream things like which holidays I would like them to participate in and what religion I wanted them to be reared in, but there were also more obscure things like how I don't want my kids buying nice cars in high school or having nice cars provided by someone else. "Beaters or feet-ers." You know what I am saying?  Or I guess they could bike. But you get the idea. And by beaters I mean beater cars, not humans that beat things or other people. (Beaters or feet-ers: really beat-up, old cars or they can walk). This phrase is going to catch on, I just know it.

2. I didn't realize how emotional it would be to write all this out. I CRIED THREE TIMES. At the end of each cry session, I just kept thinking, "Man, I really don't want anyone but us to raise this kiddos." It made me appreciate and realize how much I hope and dream and expect and wish for my children, and just how much I want to see it all. I felt more clear on what goals I have for them, and what steps I feel are necessary to accomplish those goals. I wrote up a big paragraph about where I would want my kids to go to school, the punishments that were okay and not okay, whether I wanted them to have an allowance and on and on. In the end, I felt so grateful that I have all this time with my little ones right now, even when they keep hitting, grabbing, and bumping into my hurty thumb which is now the size of a small gorilla due to the splint and bandage. 

3. I thought about how much I would appreciate instructions like this if I were ever the guardian taking on one of my loved ones' children. I had never thought about how hard it would be to raise someone else's children without any instructions. 

4. Finally, I felt at ease. I don't think I ever consciously recognized that I was stressed about not having a contingency plan in place if something happened to me or my hubby, but I must have because I felt a weight being lifted as I worked through our family plan.

And then after working on this plan for all of Saturday, my little boy picked the movie UP for family movie night, and dear me, that opening sequence, am I right? I was just a puddle of tears. Anyway, that's the post I wanted to share yesterday before my thumb incident. Hope you all are having a good week! 

Anyone have a similar thumb/finger trauma? Anyone else cry through the beginning sequence of UP? Any thoughts or questions about my experience with writing up my plan? Comment below! Also, how cute is it that hearts shoot out on to the screen when you like a blog post on Square Space?